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Making the Change to a Paperless Safety Management System

We all know how important it is to have an effective safety management system (SMS) operating within your business.

A good SMS needs to be maintained, understandable and accessible for workers. The functional aspects of the SMS must allow for information to be centralised to measure effectiveness of the programme and identifying any emerging trends.

The traditional SMS design has required a vast amount of paperwork. While this paperwork often gets uploaded into a safety software solution, it often leads to duplication and an unnecessary taxing of resources. Additionally, you have to maintain worker access to multiple forms in conditions that may not suit a paper medium and provide a workflow that considers submission, approval and document control.

Underpinning this process is the real risk that this bit of paper can get lost in the process. Or worse, workers failing to report because “it’s just too hard”.

Safety Software Solutions

Along with our software partner INX software, we can provide a user friendly, cost effective and tailored SMS solution that can change the way your business handles its safety management process.

INX Safety Software - Going Paperless with your Safety Management System - Intesafety

InControl is a powerful HSQ solution that is customised to your specific business, is scalable for any business and integrates all the functionality of a good practice SMS into one centralised platform.

By configuring the InControl HSQ software solution to your specific workplace safety management requirements, it has the ability to take the paperwork side completely out of it. Combined with having this available on a mobile platform, this enables:

  • Improved efficiency for the business through a reduction in administration and general stationary costs.
  • Every worker with a smart phone that is registered on the InControl system can immediately raise an event. This results in the event being assigned to the right person straight away – no delays or shuffling of paperwork. Current clients have in some cases shown that this mobile functionality has doubled the company’s reporting numbers.
  • No requirement for paper forms, manuals etc as all information is contained within the software library. Workers can access the latest version of information anytime, every time.
  • All the traditional checklists forms (e.g. pre-start, workplace or equipment inspections) are instead digital forms within the system. This eliminates the need for admin work to enter. Added to this function is the real time trend analysis available on these entries.
  • All registers, including risk registers, equipment register etc are built into the system, enabling linking of events to risks etc.
  • Instant measuring of safety management performance to ensure you are maintaining the preventative focus needed to achieve your safety objectives.

Will this work for me?

We’ve seen how this safety software can transform a business safety culture, by making your safety functions easy to use and becoming a normal part of the way the business operates.

Boost your safety management experience by going paperless. Let us show you how InControl can make a world of difference to your business. Contact us now.