Managing High Risk Contractors – Lessons from the Frontline
Managing High Risk Contractors – Lessons from the Frontline Setting the scene – baptism under fire! Arrive in a foreign country as an operations manager…
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There are many reasons why serious incidents occur. In our experience there are always very common causes to serious incidents and surprisingly these are almost…
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What is Critical Risk and Why is it so Important?
What is a critical risk and why is it so important?   All risks are not created equal. A critical risk is a risk that…
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Never Shoot a Hostage
Never Shoot a Hostage What the heck has not shooting a hostage got to do with safety? = everything!! Companies and Hostage Rescue Teams (HRTs)…
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What is Safety Clutter?
What is Safety Clutter? Well, it’s a good question and the reason why safety sometimes misses the mark. More systems and paperwork do not equate…
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Are You Managing Change Effectively?
Are you managing change effectively? We all know that businesses involve risk. One of the more common risks can be constant change. It's not uncommon…
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Do you remain COVID ready?
While it is back into business as usual here in NZ for many, COVID is not looking to go away anytime soon. With new variants…
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Monitoring your workers welfare at Christmas
LEADERS - OBSERVE, ENGAGE, LISTEN AND COMMUNICATE 2020 has been an unusual year for many. A common theme is emerging across many different businesses whereby…
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Ladder Safety at Christmas
It’s that time of year where we dust off the ladder to put up or take down the Christmas decorations. Have fun putting up your…
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