Not all investigations are created equal

Our certified investigators will ensure you get common sense solutions which will improve your Health & Safety System and prevent incident recurrence.

We can complete the investigation for you or peer review the one you have prepared to ensure corrective actions are appropriate according the causal factors and the root cause/s.

If you are arriving at a conclusion where people are the cause of your accidents then look again, rarely are people to blame. Also, make sure you lower your threshold for investigations to near misses (where someone could have been hurt but wasn’t), instead of incidents. This way you are able to intervene in the escalation towards incidents.

Why Intesafety?

We have completed a significant number of serious incident investigations in every industry you can imagine throughout Aotearoa. 
We’ve pretty much seen it all and that’s why we are well known for the quality of our investigations. If you want root cause and causal factor analysis that prevents recurrence, then look no further.

“Intesafety works with leaders in the company and provides support and oversight to help the business continually improve and achieve its project zero harm initiatives.”

— Natalie Harper, Landpower Group Ltd

What is the procedure for conducting an investigation?

We will evaluate the situation to determine if notifying Worksafe is necessary.

The scope of the investigation will be assessed and defined.

Site inspection and interviews will be conducted to establish the on-site conditions.

A learning teams session may be conducted to gather data and get the thoughts of those involved on what happened and potential improvement opportunities. Often this can trigger immediate remedial actions.

Dependent on the initial data gathering and meetings, immediate initial recommendations may be passed for consideration where these are considered critical to prevent a reoccurrence.

Utilising ICAM investigation methods, a preliminary report will be crafted to pinpoint underlying causes and suggest relevant recommendations.

Feedback and suggestions on the report will be gathered through consultation.

If desired, the findings will be presented to the board or senior leadership team.

We will assist in implementing the agreed-upon recommendations and ensuring their completion.

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