System Assessment

Use ISO and SafePlus certified expertise to assess your Health, Safety and Wellness System effectiveness

Intesafety offers specialised services for Health Safety & Wellness assessment needs, which assessment methodology you use will depend on several factors that we shall scope with you prior:

  • We can complete health, safety and wellness management system assessments based on ISO45001 (Health & Safety) and ISO45003 (Psychological health and safety at work). This assessment focusses on a “whole of system” approach ranging from leadership, planning, risk assessment, incident management, continual improvement and many more. Critical risk areas are also covered in detail.
  • We can complete health and safety assessments using the Worksafe SafePlus assessment model. This model focusses on leadership, risk management, communication and consultation and also 3 deep dive critical risk areas. This is a focussed assessment according to Worksafe assessment criteria.
  • We can assist with gaining “approved contractor” status using Contractor Pre-Qualification systems so you can work for clients across various industries.

Management System Assessments

Intesafety can assess your management system to see where your gaps exist but also highlight the good things that are also occurring. This assessment is based on ISO45001 (Health & Safety), ISO45003 (Psychosocial risk) or the Worksafe SafePlus assessment.
These methodologies provide a best practice approach to assessing organisational health, safety and wellness and provide significant assurance to senior leadership teams and boards that health, safety and wellness are being addressed according to statutory requirements.

Intesafety. Health and Safety Partners

We complete a document review to compare written to actual Health, Safety & Wellbeing implementation

Intesafety. Health and Safety Partners

We organise focus groups to ascertain workers integration within the Health, Safety & Wellbeing system of the company.

Intesafety. Health and Safety Partners

We complete site inspections to confirm operational controls are inline with your SOPs, best practice and legal requirements.

Intesafety. Health and Safety Partners

We complete a system report with recommendations for review and feedback with graphics for easy tracking. These will be prioritised for closure.

Intesafety. Health and Safety Partners

We will help you close out and track action items to closure and provide feedback to the board, leadership teams and workers.

Contractor Pre-Qualification & Certification

At Intesafety, we have a vast amount of experience helping contractors gain contractor prequalification on many pre-qual systems.

These Pre-Qualification systems are largely evidence-based where contractors are asked to provide evidence to support systematic implementation of a health and safety system. ISO certifications do require site confirmation of operational controls.

The type, number, and complexity of questions for pre-qualification depend on your chosen system. While they're generally passable, a focused approach over time to gather evidence may be necessary if none exists. We offer assistance with:

  • ISO45001 (H&S)
  • ISO14001 (Environmental)
  • ISO45003 (Psychosocial risk)
  • Site Wise
  • Impac Pre-Qual and beyond 
  • Totika
  • Others
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