Our Values

"Intesafety's  3 Core Values" - Guiding Principles in our Business Partnerships

We at Intesafety uphold three fundamental values that not only shape our actions but also form the essence of our business. We seek to collaborate with businesses that share these values.


Positive communication and actions. Safety typically focuses on the negative, but we believe that focusing on the positive is critically important to encourage a positive workplace culture and safety.

Communicate positively

Act with compassion

Be honest -always

Do what you say you will

Reward good acts


Being connected. A connected workforce is a safe workforce.

Connected at all levels

Enjoy being together

Strong relationships

Support one another

Participate in our community


Protecting each other. We look after each other and our natural environment for today and tomorrow.

Prioritise protection above all else

Communicate courageously

Intervene to prevent harm

Strongly connect to wellbeing

Protect tomorrow today

Fortune may be fleeting, but safety is the enduring guardian of life.

Graham Mahuika - General Manager, Intesafety
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