Workplace Wellbeing isn't a new concept, but it has evolved in recent years to encompass mental health and overall wellness

Given changes in society and the clear advantages of an effective health and wellness programme, it's a logical choice. Take action and have Intesafety help to customise it to fit your organisation.

We also include ISO45003 (psychosocial risk) in all our Health, Safety & Wellness Plans to ensure wellness is risk assessed and embedded within each organisation we support, as we think it’s that important.

The key benefits of a successful Workplace Wellness Culture include:

Reduced absenteeism

Fewer workplace injuries

Enhanced ability to attract and retain top talent

Increased productivity

Improved employee engagement

Elevated morale

Stress reduction

Enhanced teamwork

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The Golden Rule " Treat others as you would like to be treated"

We've reviewed various wellness initiatives across different companies, and each has its unique approach to wellness. When we assess Health and Wellness Plans for companies, we consider a broad spectrum of wellness initiatives based on our experiences in various industries across New Zealand.

How does your program measure up?

From our experience:

Nothing beats the power of sharing a meal. From our Aotearoa | New Zealand and broader world experience, gathering people around a table breaks down barriers swiftly, even when language is a barrier.

Who regularly schedules Friday BBQs or dinner outings?

And don't forget the power of positive reinforcement - a simple "Well Done!" can go a long way.

Chat with the team at Intesafety to get a Wellness Assessment and programme for your business.

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Kimberley Anderson. Wellness Partner

How Intesafety can help

We often work with businesses to help them set-up robust wellness initiatives that fit with their individual needs.

 Here's what we can do:

Wellness and culture surveys – how are you doing as opposed to how you think you are doing?

Employee Engagement – are you getting the best out of your teams?

Wellness system surveys – do you have the right elements within your health & wellness systems?

Insights Discovery – do you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team members to optimise team dynamics?

Restorative Practice for Conflict Resolution – Are there relationships in the workplace that are impacted due to unresolved conflict? Could people use some help to get things back on track?

Occupational health monitoring identification – is high risk workers' health monitored for early detection and prevention?

Alcohol & drugs programs – are high risk tasks alcohol and drugs free, is there an effective testing program in place?

Bullying & Harassment systems – are there policies in place and are these implemented effectively?

Hazardous Atmosphere Identification - do you understand what occupational atmospheres may impact your workers health and safety?

Mental Health Services – do you understand the types of services available to assist workers who need help and what best practice looks like in this space?

We have lots of ideas to share so please contact us so we can help you. Check out our Wellness Partner's credentials. - Kimberley Anderson.Learn about Kimberley

At Intesafety, we subscribe to the Māori Te Whare Tapa Whā model - the four cornerstones for wellness developed by Mason Durrie.

With its strong foundations and four equal sides, the symbol of the wharenui illustrates the four dimensions of Māori well-being. Should one of the four dimensions be missing or in some way damaged, a person, or a collective may become ‘unbalanced’ and subsequently unwell.

The four pillars are:

Taha tinana (physical health) - The capacity for physical growth and development. Good physical health is required to be healthy overall.

Taha wairua (spiritual health) - Māori understand that physical health can be influenced by spiritual health (the two go hand in hand).

Taha whānau (family health) - This is the link to ancestors, our ties with the past, the present and the future. Whānau can contribute to and help heal illness and are fundamental to our overall wellness.

Taha hinengaro (mental health) - Thoughts, feelings and emotions are integral components of the body and soul and our overall wellness.

At Intesafety we understand that overall wellbeing is impacted by these factors both individually and collectively. The overall aim for wellness being to achieve balance between all four so our wellness bucket is full 😊

Source Māori health models – Te Whare Tapa Whā | Ministry of Health NZ

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