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How to get the best health & safety solution for your business
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Ensure your staff lead by example

Over 20 years of experience makes Intesafety the right choice.

Intesafety partner with business leaders to help create the right mindsets, attitudes and safety culture to ensure you can get everyone home safely.

We identify and help you manage your safety risks to drive continuous improvement and to aid in the prevention of harm in the workplace. Regulation only covers the known risks, Intesafety helps move you beyond compliance.

We ensure your Health and Safety Management System and processes are developed to manage the risks and legal requirements that are unique to you.

Intesafety is a New Zealand owned and operated professional Health and Safety management consultancy service. Located in Nelson, we provide a nationwide consultancy for any Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, regardless of size or industry type.

We pride ourselves on making workplaces healthier and safer and developing worker attitudes and beliefs aligned to Zero Harm.

Our professional and personalised services support your business, from the frontline worker to the boardroom, on your journey to achieve a resilient Health and Safety system.