Training & Competency are the cornerstone of a safe working organisation

Whether it’s the Board of Directors or a workgroup everyone needs to understand their roles. Without training by certified trainers and subsequently building competency, there can be no safety.

We certainly don’t believe in death by PowerPoint, we keep training engaging and related to real world experience.

Why Intesafety should guide your Training Environment?

We have vast experience with over 40 years training in both Aotearoa New Zealand and Internationally.

Our experience includes training in environments from within board rooms to the middle of the Papua New Guinea jungle and anywhere in between.

We design and train what you need in consultation with you, not what others think you need.

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What is the Intesafety Training Methodology?

We have the capability to conduct a training needs analysis to identify areas where your training and competency show gaps.

Our approach involves providing fundamental training for directors, grounded in real-world scenarios, with a strong emphasis on understanding critical risks.

Our services encompass director and senior leadership training in health and safety, highlighting the significance of directors and senior managers within the context of safety efforts.

We are equipped to carry out safety committee training, ensuring that your personnel have a clear comprehension of their respective roles.

Our offering extends to tailored training sessions, covering investigations, job safety analysis, risk assessment, and a wide array of additional subjects.

Intesafety Partners have broad experience in Training.

Real world experience across the globe delivering training in diverse environments

Keeping it real so it is not death by PowerPoint!

We incorporate and foster engagement throughout the training process through thoughtful design

Correctly matching the training to the target audience

Evaluating our training to ensure it delivers what has been requested

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Intesafety Training examples

Board Training

Board Inductions

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) training

Safety Committee

Risk Assessment

Bow Tie Assessment & Reporting

Hazard Identification & Control

Critical Risk Identification & Control

Incident Investigation (General)

Incident Investigation (Incident Causation Assessment Method)

HSR Training

Assurance/Auditing and Monitoring


Our Training Partners who deliver NZQA Unit Standard training

NZ Mines Rescue Service. Training Courses

Vertical Horizons Training Courses

How Intesafety can Help Your Business

We often work with businesses to help them set-up robust Health Safety and Wellness systems and policies. We proof-check your plans, training and proceedures for real life events.

We Do Everything

Outsource all your H S & W needs to us. Intesafety-as your Virtual H S & W team.

We Do Some Things

Flexible services when you need specialist expertise or specific support.

Help As You Need it

One-off help whenever you need it: telephone, email and face-to-face.
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