While it is back into business as usual here in NZ for many, COVID is not looking to go away anytime soon. With new variants and cases building around the world and now entering NZ, it is an important reminder we are proactive in keeping one step ahead of the virus to keep your business and people safe.

Government data shows the use of the COVID tracer has reduced significantly. This is one way of minimising the impact if we do have a community outbreak, so we all need to work together to prevent COVID-19 from returning to our community.

As a business leader, you are in a good position to influence your workplace and workers.

Some key tips include:

  • Make sure you have the QR code displayed and all people on-site are signing in. This includes employees, customers, and other visitors. Encourage them to turn on Bluetooth tracing.
  • Continue to promote good hygiene protocols – washing hands often with soap, for 20 seconds, with posters prominently displayed and this encouraged through team meeting talks etc.
  • Continue messaging around staying at home if you are unwell

Not Today COVID-19

Ask yourself:

  • Are these messages prominent in your work areas and communications you have with your team?
  • Are my team members using the COVID tracer?


Also, now is the time to think about the impact if we have to move COVID alert levels again and are we prepared for this. If a region or the country was to move up in alert levels, does your business have systems and processes in place to cope with this?

We recommend you check these things:

  • Are IT systems set up and functioning OK so people can work from home if required?
  • Are plans in place for each alert level so that social distancing measures can be put in place (i.e., increasing distance between workstations, encouraging people to keep a distance, working from home etc.?
  • Do I have the relevant stocks of PPE if you are an essential business?


Make sure you are following the government’s latest advice, by visiting ‘Unite against COVID-19’ site. There are also many posters available to help with this messaging.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any H&S support that you might need.

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