Recently I had the pleasure of attending an ISO 45001 briefing regarding the transition from the terminal AS/NZS 4801 & 18001 Health and Safety Management Standards criteria.

What struck me during the presentation was the alignment to Intesafety’s existing approach of producing ISO standards compliant, risk based and integrated safety management systems.

We have previously based our management system development on the OHSAS 18001 format, then tailored these elements to suit each client’s organisation size, activities and associated risk profile.

Health and safety system - IntesafetyBy using this process, we have established a solid foundation for clients to migrate their existing systems into an ISO 45001 compliant system with minimum fuss, resourcing or cost.

Our plans and system documents clearly set out expectations for the management of health and safety. By working with a common system across all its operations, a standardised and consistent approach can be achieved between all Health and Safety, Environmental, and Quality operating activities.

System documentation links specific elements of the company HSMS to the Plan – Do – Check – Act (PDCA) continual improvement cycle. For each of these elements, a section is detailed within the main Health and Safety Management Plan to outline the objectives and key requirements as to how this will be achieved.

This diagram illustrates how each element relates to the key stages of the Plan (Stage 1), Do (Stage 2), Check (Stage 3) and Act (Stage 4) continual improvement cycle.

ISO 45001 - Intesafety Health and Safety System

Want to Make Workplace Health and Safety Management Easier?

At Intesafety, we offer functional solutions to improve health and safety management by migrating to the Health and Safety software solution, INX InControl.

InControl HSEQ Management software has user-friendly and effective functionality for managing the majority of HSEQ management system requirements, as well as very advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities.

The system is heavily risk management focused. Along with its core event management and investigation capabilities, you can make your management system almost entirely paperless.

After it is implemented – you will wonder how you previously did without it!

INX Safety Software - Going Paperless with your Safety Management System - Intesafety

With our clients maintaining compliance to their own specific management system requirements, we can now focus on the support required to transition them into the ISO 45001 audit requirements. This software solution means all the evidence required is at your fingertips if used correctly.

Reach out to us today if you are interested in achieving an integrated and ISO 45001 compliant system or migrating it to an effective HSEQ management software solution.

Written by Aaron Neighbours, Intesafety General Manager and Health & Safety Partner

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